Fully Managed Observability Service

Easy of use fast management for Prometheus cluster at any cloud, at scale


Easy to provision and use for Prometheus eco-sysem


Managed & control in any cloud or Kubernetes


Provides secure data store in your cloud

(Metrics Pipeline)

It is very difficult to integrate and manage internal operational tools in the Kubernetes and getting more complicated as Prometheus ecosystem is emerging and widely accepted. With NexClipper in place, it is possible to operate services based on SLO neutral to vendors without vendor-dependent and neutral, and to meet the requirements for customer-specific services such as 5G, IoT, and MES as well as the basic cloud infrastructure.

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Make Prometheus Easier to Manage

NexClipper’s Agent-server exporting approach guarantees transmitting metrics within firewalls outward, so Prometheus is visible from an external network environment. Metrics Pipeline easily consolidates metrics from different system sources, and allows Prometheus to connect for integrated (multi-cluster) viewing. NexClipper provides Prometheus Exporter(s) Catalog with installation iInstructions for specific metrics exposition requirements.

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Monitor Anywhere, at Any Scales

NexClipper Comes with Limitless Horizontal Scalability and Allows Infinite Metrics Data Retention.
It’s for Enterprise : Designed for Managing Multi-Cluster & Multi-Tenancy Monitoring, NexClipper Integrates Metrics Exposed from Multiple Sources for Global Viewing to Give Full Insights.

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Cloud-Native Everywhere

NexClipper can deliver applications or infrastructure in any environment, including closed environments, such as networks separated by the provision of asynchronous distributed infrastructure environments. Based on collected Prometheus metrics, you can deploy, rollback, and DevOps operations.

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