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AI Analytics: Process

NexClipper applies Artificial Intellicenge (AI) to Infrastructure Operations for AI based forecasts and analysis. 

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Forecasting is the first step to anomaly detection which is to predict what the metric we are interested in should show for a given situation under current and future conditions.

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly detection is the identification of data points, items, observations or events that do not conform to the expected pattern of a given group. These anomalies occur very infrequently but may signify a large and significant threat such as cyber intrusions or fraud.

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Metric Association

The first step in detecting system anomalies is to numerically determine what similarity each metric has. Here, we can measure the similarity of the time series of each metric and group them to analyze the cause.

NexClipper’s AIOps: Basic Framework

 The work starts with ‘Observe’ under AIOps. It is a basic step to systematically collect store, manage system data to have insignts on data for future monitoring and root cause analysis, and Machine Learning, yet, considered as the most important step.

Anomaly Detection

NexClipper’s anomaly detection deals with disadvantages of traditional detections based on rule-set.

Our anomaly detection automatically predicts normal panelties as well as have flexible normal range with the capability to have characteristics of the data adjusted over time. 


Disk Full Alarming

Disk full forecasts is available with our Robust Trend Forecasting. 
It’ll tell you when your disk is going to be full in-advance
so that way you will have enough time to take an action as needed.