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The Positive Impacts on Open Source in the Enterprise

Come visit us at             Companies have been involved in open source projects because of its benefits. Projects will be widely used when code is open to everyone and you have a strong community. In the beginning of the projects, more and more people are participating in contributions on the projects. It ends up leading…
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Concerns with Running Containers

What are the concerns in using containers and how NexClipper deals with them. According to recent survey by CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation), 58% of respondents are using Kubernetes in production for container management tools, while 42% are considering it for future use. Also, concerns they have when it comes to using containers are as…
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How Useful is AIOps?

As IT operations have rapidly evolved for the decades, the gigantic amount of data involved with your application infrastructure is almost incomprehensive. In order for organizations to deal with this, they started to keep an eye on AIOps(Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) which leverages AI to IT Operations.      AIOps is used for big…
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