Concerns with Running Containers

Concerns with Running Containers

What are the concerns in using containers and how NexClipper deals with them.

According to recent survey by CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation), 58% of respondents are using Kubernetes in production for container management tools, while 42% are considering it for future use. Also, concerns they have when it comes to using containers are as followings:

In order for organizations to effectively run containers on Kubernetes, monitoring is required to see if container is healthy. It will help you understand insights regarding containers.

  1. Complexity: 40% up from 35%
  2. Lack of training: 40%
  3. Monitoring: 34%
  4. Storage: 30%


How these concerns could be relieved with NexClipper

  • Complexity: NexClipper provides you with a more simplified setup process than ever before; NexClipper uses NexAgent, an agent that replaces node exporter, Kube-state-metrics, cAdvisor.
  • Lack of training: Full stack monitoring allows you to easily understand container status even for non-skilled employees and even reduce learning curves.
  • Monitoring: With NexClipper, you can monitor each layer that should be monitored. To be specific, you are able to monitor containers, agents, and hosts which allows you to get full-stack insights.
  • Storage: In terms of storage, Prometheus is commonly used to monitor Kubernetes.  NexClipper uses InfluxDB as default for long-term storage and gives you an option to integrate Prometheus depending on your preference.

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