What is NexClipper?

NexClipper light is the simple and easy container monitoring tool which to collects statistics, status, process, network, environment, volume, and log.

Feature Overview

NexClipper features the following capabilities:

  • Dashboard
  • Container list
  • Status of containers (total continers, running, paused, stopped)
  • Number of Images
  • Container resource usage (cpu, memory, network, block i/o)
  • Container process, network , environment, network, logs

Quick Start: Running NexClipper in a Docker Container

You can run NexClipper to monitor the docker containers.
Simply run:

sudo docker pull nexclipper/nexclipper;
sudo docker run \
--detach=true \
--name NexClipper \
-p 10001:9001 \
--volume /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
--volume /var/lib/docker:/var/lib/docker \

NexClipper is now running (in the background) on http://localhost:10001.

Web UI

NexClipper exposes a web UI at its port:


The dashboard shows the container’s statistics, status, logs, and various information.