We are proudly announcing that NexClipper (as of October 29, 2019) is now a member project of the Open Invention Network (OIN, hereon), the world-largest community committed to protecting Linux/OSS-based programs from patent risks.

As an active community member, we look forward to contributing to making OSS-driven innovations for cloud-native monitoring technology.

OIN’s mission is stated as ‘to enable freedom of action for OIN community members and users of Linux/OSS-based technology through its patent non-aggression cross-license in the “Linux System,” which defines the commitment.’

By joining OIN, Nexclipper hereon goes with the following:

  1. We are given a license to patents owned by any other OIN participants with respect to use or distribution within ‘Linux System’ technologies.
  2. We grant a license of our patents we may own to all other OIN members for the use or distribution within ‘Linux System’ technologies.

We recommend anyone interested in or working around Linux/OSS-based technologies to visit OIN homepage (https://www.openinventionnetwork.com) to find out more on its dedicated vision, mission, functions, member benefits, and etc.