About NexClipper

  • NexClipper is and Open Source project aimed at delivering production-ready Prometheus in enterprise environments.
  • NexClipper discovers, recommends and auto-installs the best-fit Prometheus exporter(s) for your monitoring needs.
  • Agent-Server way of piping metrics can help ease Prometheus monitoring needs in complex/closed network security settings.
  • NexClipper’s Metrics Pipeline guarantees interoperability with 3rd party monitoring solutions, efficiently securing insights as desired.
  • Global yet cluster-selective viewing through NexClipper dashboard and long-term storage implementation enables enterprise-level monitoring.

Prometheus Exporter(s) Manage

  • To help and ease you with best-practice Prometheus, NexClipper discovers & recommends the best-fit exporter(s) available to expose metrics data from your specific systems and services being monitored.
  • Using the best-fit exporter(s) helps standardize metrics data exposition practices, maximizing monitoring experience with minimal manual inputs.
  • NexClipper pipes metrics data in Agent-Server ways and recommends the best-fit exporter(s) to support Prometheus monitoring needs in enterprise environments comprised of complex/closed network security settings.
  • Planned: NexClipper is working on implementing an automated exporter(s) installation service/function based on rules preset in exporter(s) catalog and is under field tests on the concept.

Metrics Pipeline Written in OpenMetrics Protocol

  • NexClipper’s Metrics Pipeline pipes metrics data in OpenMetrics Protocol to Integrate with & view through 3rd party monitoring solutions supporting OpenMetrics format.
  • Viewing and sharing metrics through Metrics Pipeline along with NexClipper Dashboard and 3rd party monitoring solutions allows you to gain different insights as desired whilst eliminating unsought data redundancy.
  • Metrics data provisioned by Metrics Pipeline can be plugged as is for Prometheus viewing (alerts and Grafana dashboards) with no complex integration inputs, especially when systems & services are sitting in complex/closed network security settings which impose high complexity in implementing Peometheus monitoring.

Enterprise Architecture: Global View and Long Term Data for Enterprise Prometheus

  • NexClipper segregates aggregated metrics data by cluster node(s) to allow monitoring in selective or categorized ways as desired or required per network security settings.
  • Multi-cluster, multi-tenancy & heterogeneous metrics data sets can be brought into a global view to attain bird-eye & drill-down insights.
  • NexClipper’s Agent-Server way of exposition functions as the key to transmitting metrics data sets within firewalls for global viewing requirements in external environment.
  • NexClipper is Timescale-embedded which allows you to save and visualize metrics data limitlessly as per your enterprise-level monitoring requirements, within your storage capacity