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Companies have been involved in open source projects because of its benefits. Projects
will be widely used when code is open to everyone and you have a strong
community. In the beginning of the projects, more and more people are
participating in contributions on the projects. It ends up leading to help the
process of knowledge being widespread.

  • Benefits from new technologies

Developers keep up with up-to-date technologies which most likely to be an open source.
Companies can innovate faster than ever before by leveraging codes that already

  • Increasing the developer base

Project developments along with thousands of discussions, lead to a larger pool of
talented developers working on the code and related projects.

  • Improving developer skills

While working on open source projects with other talented developers which requires
constant learning and studying, developers tend to improve their skills.

  • Faster startup of projects with agility

By incorporating existing source, developers have the agility to move on to new
projects with a limited time frame. All they have to do is focusing more on
their responsibilities to get crucial parts done which brings you a competitive
advantage over competitors.

The primary goal of open source is to improve security and innovate the projects by
sharing ideas on the source codes which allows proper softwares by proactively
involving in interesting projects.  NexClipper’s mission is to motivate
and encourage stakeholders working on new projects to have all those benefits.