Why NexClipper

Monitoring and Managing Cloud Native Appplication are Challenging 

1.Difficult to adopt cloud native environment without experts
2.Difficult to monitor cloud native application using traditional cloud monitoring tool
3.Unpredictable infrastructure failures due to low capabilities of failures prediction and analysis which ends up leading to cost billions of dollars and company’s reputation


Need for Kubernetes Monitoring

Kubernetes requires unique monitoring tooling especially if you want to understand the relationships between infrastructure, K8s, and application services


NexClipper’s Value

It benefits organizations in various ways: productivity improvement at work, stable and predictable infrastructure operation and, of course, cost efficient and business stability.

Easy migration and adoption

NexClipper platform is an easy way for IT teams to build and operate cloud native application without efforts and experts. 

Product improvement

NexClipper helps you improve your productivity at
work with automated routine tasks and AI powered
auto scaling. You are also no longer frustrated by firefighting.

A cost-effective way

It is a cost effective way to operate infrastructure
It will dramatically cut IT TCO uch as costs spent on server led by low amount of host resources in use, shorter learning curves than ever before.

Business stability

With NexClipper, you can increase agility to failures and improve customer loyalty thanks to AI based failure predictions and analysis.

NexClipper’s Usecase

NexClieppr is the most effective Container Platform for migration, build and operation.